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How to Deal With Noisy Neighbours

The owners who live upstairs are constantly playing loud music, thumping around late at night, dragging chairs across the room, etc. I have complained to the board and the management but have received no response. How can we resolve this issue and get back some peace and quiet in our lives?

If your complaint wasn't made in writing, it should be. Outline the times and dates when the noise occurs, how loud it was, what rooms you could hear it from, describe the songs being played... Be as detailed as possible. This way, the board will know about the amount of noise you deal with, and complaining in writing will be received as more official and will be more likely to illicit a response.

Noise complaints range from very loud music to noisy air conditioners, loud garbage chutes, mechanical devices and so on. Sometimes it is necessary for the board to consult an engineer about sound transference in the building. Ways to reduce certain noises could be as simple as laying down carpets, moving stereo equipment away from shared walls or establishing certain hours for noisier activities. The by-laws of some condominium corporations will even require that owners have area rugs of a certain kind and size in order to help prevent the transfer of noise from one unit to another.

Find out if there are specific by-laws or rules about noise issues at your condo corporation. If there are, the directors are obligated to enforce these. If there are no rules, the board should draft some. All complaints to the board or management should be in writing, and it is important to keep copies of these letters in case you need them for future use.

The owners elect directors to act on their behalf. The directors hire the property manager to assist in managing the property. If your complaint falls on deaf ears, find out if other owners have similar complaints. Owners have the right to run for election to the board or to vote in new directors who will do the job they have been elected to do.


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