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FREE Elevator Owner Education Webinar

Elevator Owner Education Webinar

About this Event The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) is hosting a live online “Elevator Owner Education Webinar” to provide information on responsibilities, requirements and tips for owners of elevators in residential buildings in Ontario. The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) enforces Ontario’s elevator safety laws on behalf of MGCS. In spring 2017, TSSA commissioned an elevator availability study at the request of MGCS. The report, released in January 2018, was prepared by former Justice of the Ontario Superior Court Douglas Cunningham. In response to a recommendation from Cunningham’s report, the MGCS webinar is intended to provide education and awareness services for owners of elevators in multi-storey residential buildings. The webinar will provide basic information in the following areas: Information on key roles and responsibilities in the Ontario elevator industry - Legal and safety requirements relating to the maintenance of an elevator - Obligations of elevator owners and elevator service providers - TSSA and MGCS statutory and regulatory roles Understanding an elevator maintenance contract - Factors that impact the price of a contract - Top questions to ask an elevator contractor before signing a contract - Key elevator concepts and determining whether those concepts should be covered as part of a basic contract Day-to-day elevator maintenance - Tasks that must be done by a licensed mechanic and those that an owner can do - Risk mitigation - COVID-19 precautions Please share this invitation with any elevator owners or property managers that you think would benefit from attending. The webinar will be held on Microsoft Teams.


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