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COVID-19 – Some Practical Considerations for Condominiums

We’ve been receiving many excellent practical questions from condominium Boards and Managers surrounding Covid-19 (particularly how to manage activities in the condominium during this health crisis)

Many of the questions apply particularly (though not exclusively) to high-rises and other condominiums with “indoor common areas”.

We will be doing our best to provide answers to these questions in a series of blogs over the next week or so. Watch for those blogs, starting later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, we want to refer our readers to some excellent guidance being provided by Ottawa Public Health. We refer you in particular to the following:

  1. Ottawa Public Health’s Covid-19 Information for Workplaces.

  2. Ottawa Public Health’s Covid-19 Guidance for Multi-Unit Dwellings (published March 22, 2020).

Quite apart from many important recommendations about social distancing, posting of guidelines, hand-washing, cleaning, sanitizing and self-isolation, this Covid-19 Guidance for Multi-Unit Dwellings includes the following:

Additional recommendations for multi-unit dwellings

OPH recommends the following additional actions in multi-unit dwellings:

  • Suspend all non-urgent inspections and repair work, if possible. [In our view, this will require careful consideration on a project-by-project basis.]

  • Close all onsite recreational amenities and gathering spaces (e.g. party rooms, fitness facilities, pools), if possible. [I believe that most condominiums have already taken this step.]

  • Encourage limited use of public areas for necessary outings and take additional precautions in shared spaces (e.g. lobbies, hallways, mail rooms, laundry rooms).” [Again, I believe that most condominiums have already taken these steps.]

Again, please stay tuned! We’ll have our answers to practical questions coming soon!

Stay tuned to Condo Law News to keep up to date on the latest developments in condominium law!

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