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City Regulation of Short-Term Rentals – An Update

We reported previously on the new City regulation of short-term rentals progress, here, after the special joint meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee and the Planning Committee.

As an update, the City’s new by-laws have now been passed by Ottawa City Council.

With the exception of the adoption of a new limit on the number of guests permitted to sleep in any short-term rental, which is now 10 people, not a lot changed at the City Council meeting held on April 28, 2021. City Council otherwise passed the by-laws as recommended by the above-noted Committees. This progress means that new City by-laws respecting short-term rentals in Ottawa will officially be in place for the next three-years, and we are therefore one step closer to seeing this new permit system put into action.

News on how to register your condo’s governing documents respecting short-term rentals should follow soon. [There is no mention of this – so far – is the new City regulations.] We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Stay tuned to Condo Law News to keep up to date on the latest developments on the regulation of short-term rentals!


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