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7 Things to be Ready for MoL inspection

THERE ARE SEVEN THINGS that a manager needs to have to be compliant should an inspector from the Ministry of Labour randomly visit the site. These are:

  1. Two health and safety policies approved by the board and circulated internally (workers on site) and externally (as needed contractors).

  2. Site-specific procedures manual with proof of circulation to the workers on site, and annual review.

  3. Annually three separate site assessments.

  4. Proof of training on eight different legislations.

  5. Safety equipment with procedures.

  6. WSIB, Insurance and Health and Safety policies for each company working at the site.

  7. Monthly safety inspections and compliance documentation.

Fines are up to $100,000 for an individual and up to $1.5 million for any condominium corporation.

Laura Lee, RCM, ACCI, CCP is Senior Property Manager at Del Property Management.


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